Getting underneath the skin, fire carries the killing poison all over the body, poisoning the soul.

Its pulsing flame gives birth to a dazzling flash that can be compared only with nuclear bomb explosion whose gigantic force is capable to break off and incinerate all human being in dashes. Love is its name.

All Nuclear Maniac musical short stories are complex scale of love shades. They represent special synthesis of subtly intimate and extremely frank human experiences.

Nuclear Maniac is a mad genius who precisely describes a state mind possessed by all-absorbing, natural sincere feelings in the music.

This electronic dance music (EDM) is for those who can love.


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The gloomy tones prevailing in the creative project and the tangled plot have become the trademark of Nuclear Maniac. In this work the acuity of incinerating passion is particularly emphasised, which like an emotional vortex seizes the hero of this musical novella and furiously hurls him into the boiling depths of love.

"Having once appeared, you poisoned my soul. I followed you blindly along the edge of the abyss and fell. But, having broken wings, I learnt to love..."

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