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(p) 2004 Nuclear Maniac, (c) 2005 The Orchard. Prodused by Aleksandr Khomutovskiy. Digital Release Date: June 14, 2005. Label: The Orchard Enterprises NY USA, Inc. Genre: Electronica. Universal Product Code: 669910090060



Why did people make up the God?
How difficult all becomes, if we dont believe in God.
What is the reason of life, live it up or die?
So why not reach journeys end the way wed like?

To realize all your dreams.
To experience and try everything in this world.
And then to die and dissolve in this universe, to become an organic whole and probably one day the world will create you again.

Track List

1. Gangster (Original)
2. One Love, Two Robots
3. Rocking Song
4. What For Did People Fabricate the God?
5. Snatch
6. Play With Me
7. You Are In My Heart (He)
8. Hello BuzZzy
9. My sadness (Original)
10. Abyss
11. Voyager
12. Last World